Reel Expectations is a
non-profit organization
dedicated to young people.

27 Woodburn Circle
Dover, DE 19904

Robert Moody
Phone: (302)270-3572




Foundation Overview

During the past thirty five years I've come to fully understand the devastating impact that drug abuse, violence, bullying, negative peer pressure and the social media has had on our society and in particular our young people. From my experiences in law enforcement and working with youth, I've witnessed every day the increasingly negative impact that society, the media, as well as their peers place on our young people.

It is our responsibility as adults and parents to protect, encourage, educate and provide our youth with the necessary skills to resist the negative pressures that they are faced with in today's world. Statistics show us that drugs and violence impact our society, culture, relationships, economy, and health. Reel Expectations Foundation is dedicated to combating these social problems by educating young people about the choices thay make and the lifestyles they choose.

Ephesians 6:10 reminds us that we need to stand firm, educate and prepare our youth for the struggles against them.